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Shark Buying Process: The Funnel

In a market growing with options, buyers face the challenge of ensuring they explore all possibilities thoroughly, while not missing out on the home of their dreams. With over 10,000 active or coming soon listings in Colorado alone, the task of uncovering your dream home may appear daunting and nearly impossible to achieve. Having that many options, some buyers worry about what they’ll miss if they commit to a home early on in the search.

This is where our Shark Buying Processes stand out from the pack. We fondly refer to this stage of the process as the "The Funnel". Prior to arranging home showings, your WH Realty Company REALTOR will engage in a detailed discussion with you to understand your preferences, requirements, objectives, and expectations. By filtering out properties that do not align with your specific criteria regarding size, location, and price, thousands of homes are swiftly eliminated, leaving you with a refined selection.

From your refined search, every potential property is considered in "The funnel," encompassing listings in the MLS, new construction homes, properties for sale by owners, coming soon listings, auctions, and foreclosures. Through a systematic process of elimination guided by your preferences rather than random selections, your agent will assist you in identifying your "rolling top 3" homes This adaptable approach allows for evolving preferences based on what you observe during the initial home viewings. After seeing a handful of homes you may determine you no longer want to consider homes with stairs, or you decide you prefer a larger backyard, focusing on the why behind the want will help you identify your rolling top 3 even as they change.

By thoroughly evaluating all options and refining choices based on your preferences, you empower yourself to confidently pursue the home that checks all the boxes, secure in the knowledge that you have explored all viable options by process of elimination not random selection.

The essence of our approach lies in simplicity. While real estate agent processes can sometimes be needlessly complex to convey professionalism or expertise, our focus remains on understanding the core motivations behind your needs and desires. By simplifying the real estate experience, we provide you with a seamless, stress-free journey through the world of real estate.

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Brandi Wright, The Real Estate Shark 

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