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Open House

Open houses have been a popular way of presenting homes to potential buyers for many years. They also provide an opportunity for additional exposure on social media and internet marketing, both before, during, and after the event. Open houses are beneficial for buyers who may not be working with a real estate agent or have not been able to schedule a showing yet to view the property. With an open house, you can showcase your property to a larger audience, saving the need to arrange individual viewings. Additionally, displaying your property to your inquisitive neighbors may result in positive word-of-mouth marketing, free of charge. At WH Realty Company, our agents go above and beyond when it comes to open house events. We refer to them as Shark Events because they're sure to attract attention. By utilizing innovative and forward-thinking strategies, we've transformed the traditional open house model to guarantee maximum exposure for your property. We meticulously plan our Shark Open Houses in advance to ensure maximum exposure. Although we do most of the heavy lifting, we kindly request our homeowners to prepare their homes to look as attractive as possible for the open house event. Below is a helpful starting guide for interior and exterior ways to prepare the home for an open house event:

Inside the Home

  • Sweep all hardwood and tile
  • Mop with a cleaner that has a pleasing scent
  • Vacuum all carpet
  • Wipe down all surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner
  • Clean toilets
  • Shine appliances
  • Check the fridge for spoiled food- wipe down any stains/spots
  • Ensure the pantry is clean and organized
  • Remove all unnecessary personal belongings and small appliances from counters
  • Push in all chairs
  • Remove shoes and other misc items from the floor
  • Fluff pillows, fold any throw blankets
  • Dust as necessary
  • Make all beds
  • Remove all clothes from floors- make sure laundry baskets aren’t overflowing
  • Organize closets
  • Wipe down bathroom counters, and mirrors
  • Open all blinds
  • Turn on all lights
  • Turn on music that’s appealing to everyone. Pandora’s Yacht Rock Radio is a great option
  • TVs can be left on to a children’s movie or ESPN with the volume on mute. Avoid any news channels especially those that typically have a political association
  • Set out a few water bottles and small snacks if you have them
  • Check the thermostat(s) are set at a comfortable temperature for the season.
    1. Summer months the AC should not go above 74 degrees and not below 68
    2. Winter months the heat should not go below 65 degrees or above 71
  • Remove all valuable personal belongings (like jewelry) and prescription medications

Outside The Home:

  • Check if the lawn needs to be mowed or if shrubs need trimming
  • Check for any fallen leaves that need to be removed
  • Make sure trash bins are hidden away
  • Remove any trash, kid toys, dog toys, and misc debris in front and backyard
  • Check for any dog waste in front and backyards
  • Make sure your garage door is closed
  • Turn on all exterior lights front and back
  • Vacuum your front doormat
  • Blow your front entry with a blower
  • Remove all packages from the front door area
  • Remove all trip/fall hazards.
  • In winter months- if there's is snow or ice remove and apply ice melt

As you prepare the home's interior and exterior, our agents are vigorously promoting the event through various channels, including Facebook Marketplace, their personal and business Facebook pages, Instagram, Realtor Association Facebook Groups, Buy/Sell Trade Facebook pages, mass emailers, contacting agents with potential buyers, LinkedIn, paid online ads, and more. With their comprehensive marketing strategy, coupled with distinctive features during the event, your event is guaranteed to attract a significant turnout!

Examples of Prior Shark Events:

  • Holiday Open House- Professional photography with live Santa and background, live cookie decorating demonstration with professional baker, letters to Santa with return letters from Santa mailed directly to potential buyers homes
  • Happy House Hour- Professional Mixologist w/ special event drink, live charcuterie board demonstrations with professional chef, and live consultations with expert Interior Designer
  • Dinner @ Your Dream Home- food truck with local craft brewery beer
  • Local Art Show/Open House- artist hosts local art show in the home during open house event
  • Parade of Homes- paired with other agents in the neighborhood hosting multiple open houses all a the same time, buyers complete a scavenger hunt in each home and receive a prize at the last house
  • Coffee House- espressos, latte, coffee, and light coffee house snacks... the smell is amazing!
  • Broker Only- open house hosted for brokers and agents only, teamed up with a professional real estate photographer agents receive free videos of themself touring the home and talking about it’s features to use on their social media pages

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