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Picky Buyers Creating the Illusion of a Slow Market

For those who pay attention to the real estate sector, particularly within their local neighborhood, the notion of a "hot market" might seem elusive. The house on your street has been on the market for what seems like an eternity!!!

Power Shifting

Buyers are reveling in a newfound sense of control over their home selection process. Unlike in previous years, buyers are experiencing fewer (if any) scenarios involving competing offers, affording them the luxury of thoroughly evaluating prospective homes and conducting due diligence before making an offer. This newfound empowerment is reflected in buyers increasingly scrutinizing available properties and meticulously comparing offerings to find the best bang for their buck. While this approach grants buyers the advantage of making informed decisions without feeling coerced into hasty choices or overpaying, it also delineates a clear distinction between properties that swiftly attract offers and those that linger on the market for extended periods.


Properties in High Demand

Looking a the market data there is a clear line in the sand regarding properties that immediately captivate strong buyer interest.

  • New Construction: Benefitting from robust builder incentives, including reduced interest rates and competitive pricing for move-in-ready or nearly completed homes, are in high demand. We have witness first hand interest rates plummeting to as low as 4.5%, placing resale properties at a huge disadvantage.
  • Modern & Move-in Ready Homes: Given the prevailing low national savings rate coupled with soaring consumer debt levels, many buyers find themselves unable to afford refurbishments like updating dated kitchen aesthetics, or painting accent walls back to the bod wall color. Consequently, homes embraced by the market are those that are turn-key, contemporary by today's design standards, and not overly customized.
  • Location & Amenities: With reduced competition, buyers are steadfast in their insistence on not compromising on factors like yard size, community perks, and overall neighborhood ambiance, even if it means waiting another weekend to see what comes on the market.
  • Single-Family Residences: Escalating property taxes and insurance costs have notably impacted the demand for condos and townhouses. While modern, turn-key townhomes continue to hold appeal, single-family homes meeting the above criteria in the starter home price range are attracting multiple offers and going under contract often within the first weekend on market.


Bottom Line

The speed of a sale hinges on fundamental real estate principles, likely aligning with the factors that influenced you to purchase your home:

  • Home Features: Properties boasting smart home technologies, energy efficiency, modern upgrades, outdoor living spaces, and other appealing features cater to buyers' desires.
  • Location: Proximity to work and amenities remains a crucial consideration for buyers. While primary markets remain robust, secondary and tertiary markets are experiencing slower movement.
  • Marketing: The choice of a competent real estate agent holds significance, as their efforts in leveraging innovative marketing strategies can maximize property exposure.
  • Pricing: Every property has its price point. In cases where a property fails to meet buyer preferences, sellers have two options: wait for a larger buyer pool to drive market pressure or adjust pricing to align with evolving market dynamics.

Home buyers remain active in the market; however, they have become increasingly discerning and refuse to make concessions on their wants. In contrast to previous years where buyers have settled for homes that meet basic needs. To navigate this evolving landscape successfully, align with a skilled, reliable, and knowledgeable real estate agent, and do not cut any corners.

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