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Have You Considered a Home Warranty?

Have you considered investing in a home warranty?

Before you dismiss this post, please know that I am not attempting to extend your vehicle’s warranty. A home warranty can be a valuable asset!

Picture this scenario: you've recently closed on your new home, and as you start to move in, you realize that your air conditioner is not working. If you were left to deal with this situation on your own, would you know who to contact? Would you be able to afford a repair or replacement if necessary? A home warranty is similar to a service contract that covers the cost of repair or replacement of any covered items, typically the major functions and appliances of your home. Your warranty provider may also recommend vendors and guide you through the repair process, saving you thousands of dollars if you purchase from a reputable company.

Home warranties have garnered a negative reputation because those in the industry have failed to explain them correctly to homeowners. Are home warranties a catch-all solution that covers everything? No, that would be a poor business model. Instead, think of a home warranty as similar to a builder's warranty for a new construction home. If you call the builder and say your window is broken because your child threw a baseball through it, the builder will likely tell you that it's not their problem. However, if you call the builder and say your furnace isn't working, and you have no idea why even though you've followed the owner's manual, chances are you will be covered. Another example is your automobile warranty. If you call the dealership and say your car broke down, but you've never changed the oil, the manufacturer will likely tell you to pay up or get lost. The same applies here: as long as your home is well-maintained and cared for, you will be covered.

What isn't covered by a home warranty? Depending on the package you choose, items such as flooring, furniture, doors, and small appliances may not be covered.

So, how much does a home warranty cost? Prices vary depending on the service provider and the coverage you select. At WH Realty Company, we have partnered with 2-10 Home Warranty for years and recommend their Supreme package. This package includes supreme coverage for AC and heat pumps, appliances, electricals, heating, and plumbing, as well as lock and hardware replacements under the "Happy Home" plan. All service calls under this plan are $100, and it costs $625 for 12 months of coverage.


Check out 2-10's Home Warranty Brochure Here 

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