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Essential Steps to Take After Closing on Your Dream Home


Congratulations! You did it! As you walk back to your car after closing, you realize that your dream home is finally yours. However, the excitement is quickly replaced with panic as you wonder where to begin with homeownership?! Don't worry, we've got you covered with this simple reference list to keep you on track.

Change Locks & Codes

Regardless of whether the seller has already changed the locks, it's always a good idea to replace all exterior locks immediately. While replacing the locks, reprogram the garage door remotes and any keypad codes. Also, create a lock-out solution in case someone in your family ever gets locked out. If you need assistance, consider hiring a handyman or locksmith to help you. This project should be fairly inexpensive, and you can find a how-to video from Home Depot here.

Clean the Carpet

Start fresh with a clean slate! Schedule a carpet cleaner to deep clean all carpeted areas and consider paying extra for a Scotchgard treatment to protect against future accidents. If there are lingering odors in the home, consider requesting an ozone treatment to remove odors, mold, vermin, and other microorganisms causing that funky smell. If you're on a tight budget, you can rent a steam cleaner from a nearby Walmart, King Soopers, Safeway, or other grocery stores, use this link to find the closet location near you! Elevation Carpet Cleaning, Mile High Duct and Carpet Cleaning, and Steam Pro Inc. are my go-to carpet cleaners.

Here are my go-to carpet cleaners

Elevation Carpet Cleaning- (720) 371-6724

Mile High Duct and Carpet Cleaning- (720) 216-4505

Steam Pro Inc.- (303) 797-3207 

Call an Exterminator

Protect your investment and avoid potential costly pest damages by setting up monthly or quarterly pest control services. Pests can do more damage than you'd expect, so trust me, it's worth every penny. WolfCo Pest Control and Colorado Pest Management are a couple of my favorite local companies.

Wolfo Pest Control

Colorado Pest Management

Schedule Cleaning

Most sellers will leave the house surface-level clean, but few will go the extra mile to do an extensive deep clean. Before you move in, plan on scheduling a deep clean for a few areas in your new home. Focus on hardwood floors, tile and grout, fridge coils, dryer ducts, ductwork, HVAC (furnace, condenser, and evaporators), and a move-in/move-out deep clean with your favorite cleaning company.

Find Your Shut-Offs

Before moving in, locate your utility shut-offs for water, gas, and electricity. Some homeowners go the extra mile by creating a utility emergency shut-off map of their home and hanging it in the garage.

Create a Home Maintenance & Repair Checklist

Even brand-new homes may have a few repair items that need attention. Create a list of all repairs you want to accomplish and prioritize them so you don't get overwhelmed. Additionally, create monthly, quarterly, and yearly preventative maintenance checklists to keep your home in good condition. Testing smoke detectors, fertilizing the lawn, and testing your sump pump is easy to forget in our busy lives, so a checklist posted in the garage can help you stay ahead of costly repairs down the line. If you need help creating preventative maintenance checklists for your home, feel free to give me a call.

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